It’s never comfortable when the carpet you let your barefoot touch is wet or soaked with water you never knew came from, letting it sit for days or week could cause a problem that probably turns into nightmares when the carpet has its own living biodiversity under and in between.

Leaving carpet as it is, the wet carpet may encounter risks not only damaging the carpet itself and the padding beneath but risks damaging the subfloor as well. Unattended wet carpet is prone to mold and mildew. Leaving moisture sitting in a warm, dark place, toxins will be present and soon will invade your home. Once moisture and mold have marked its place, the carpet pad, it may almost be impossible to eradicate it.

Can Wet Carpet and Drywall be Rescued after Water Damage?

Mold is toxic to both humans and pets. If left untreated, it will affect those who are sensitive to allergens and it will reduce the quality of your life as it will taint your home’s air supply. It will give the living being to experience a good fair share to air, however, mold will be their great antagonist that will contaminate the air which the human is able to breathe.

When water leaks onto drywall it can cause minor damage like stains on the paint, severe damage will count the bulging in the wallboard or some degree of bubbling and peeling surface and paint. Setting-type joint compound is usually used for water damage repairs to the drywall. Removing bubbling joints and paint using a knife to scrape off damaged materials. You may now have the use of a vacuum for scraping dust and let the primer dry by using primer-sealer for placing missing tape and patching.

Listed below are some of the great ways to rescue drywall and wet carpet after the water damage:

  1. Remove the moisture
    It is one of the most important since stopping water is the major task we need to prevent to stop from flowing into the problem area. A wet vacuum is one of the effective tools to get the moisture or water out of the carpet, the most convenient and easiest way if you already have the wet vacuum at home.
  2. Assess your furniture
    Make it a point to always check your furniture and fixtures in every room. Check if the moisture has impacted those items. Note that there are items that need to dry first before removing from one place to another. Special attention to those items that have been affected severely by water damage which results in the disposal.
  3. Create airflow
    Open up an area as much as possible especially to the wet area which will help in cleaning the odor and moisture from the room. Windows and fans are to be opened to help dry things out. A humidifier is also considered to be used as it removes the moisture in the atmosphere.

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