Mold is one of the most unwelcome visitors you can have in your home and business. It can also be one of the most dangerous and could lead to mold toxicity, allergies, asthma and other serious symptoms depending on what type of mold you have. Even if your environment appears to be completely mold free, there could still be various types hiding in places you never thought of.

Have you checked the air ducts? It’s one of the most common places for mold to hide away, and it could be what’s making everyone in close proximity to it sick without them realizing it. Here’s how mold forms in air ducts – and why it’s so often missed.

How Does Mold Form in Air Ducts?

Air Ducts: The Ideal Environment

Mold likes certain environments a lot more than others. They like to grow in dark and moist areas, and an air duct – especially one that hasn’t maintained or checked in a while – makes an ideal breeding ground for most types of mold.

If you have air ducts that haven’t been checked in a while, they could have mold present, and if you have repeated issues with mold elsewhere in the building, it could all be coming from the same place: The air duct.

Spores and Contaminants Spread

Most types of mold you can have trouble with will spread through the replication of spores. These spores are usually released into the air, although they can also survive in certain environments like water or fabric for a while until they start to grow.

Mold spores can cling to a variety of different things: Far more than you think. It’s when these spores have found their way into your air ducts that you have a problem. From here, they can easily make it to any part of the building – and the mold can reinfect any area through the spread of the same issue until the source is eventually taken care of.

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