If your Omaha house has a basement, a sump pump is a great appliance to prevent against flooding. A sump pump is much like a first aid kit, a fire extinguisher, or your home’s security system; there is rarely a time when you actually need to use it, but it can be an essential tool if a dire situation occurs. The best way to prevent sump pump failure is with planning and maintenance.

Causes for Sump Pump Failure | Water Restoration Omaha

The most basic principle of a sump pump is that it turns on automatically when it senses water in the ground or when it is raining. But exactly how it does that involves a little more detail. First, it sits in a hole in the lowest part of the basement, turning on the minute the pit fills up with water. Water is then pumped out and away from the home, flowing into a nearby storm drain or dry well. A one-way valve will then prevent the water from flowing back in.

While the concept of the sump pump is simple, any part of the motor that malfunctions can result in a basement flood. As soon as you notice any signs that the pump does not work, replace the broken part right away or buy a new motor before the next rainfall.

Sump Pump Power Failure

Bad weather storms and power failure often coincide to make one deadly combination that often results in flooded basements across the nation. This is due to the fact that the heavy rain storms result in excess water and a power outage completely immobilizes your sump pumps ability to drain water.

Thankfully, this problem can be avoided by simply purchasing and installing a backup generator for your sump pump. If you ever lose power during a bad storm, you can manually turn this generator on to ensure your basement does not flood.

No Water in the Sump Pump

This essentially means that the sump pump has not been installed properly or it is not connected to the drainage system. The drainage system is extremely important and it is ideal to have the drain tile installed along the basement lining or inside or outside the sump pump. There will not be any problem as long as the drain collects the water and drains it into the pit. However, even a sump pump will not help if the drain tile is damaged.

Have the drainage system inspected by a licensed plumber and repair or replace the sump pump failure.

Clogged Sump Pump Failure

There are a number of ways the sump pump can become clogged and back up, leading to a water damage disaster in Omaha. All of the following are common occurrences:

  • Dirt and debris becoming clogged within the sump pump pit.
  • The parts within the sump pump become clogged and dirty, especially when the pit is dirty and accumulates silt.
  • The switch turning the pump on when the water level rises can jam or clog.
  • Jammed or tangled switches within cheaper models that either won’t turn on or off. Both cases can result in a huge water mess.

Allow a plumber to inspect the pump to see if it can be repaired or you should buy a replacement. Make sure that it is covered to an airtight sealed lid that is safe around children, pets, and disallows debris from entering.

Non-Stop Running of the Sump Pump | Water Restoration Omaha

If you have the pump running continuously, but there is no water, then there is a problem which requires to be sorted or the pump will burn out. Some of the common causes for this are:

  • Broken or a missing check valve that allows the water to flow back into the pit and into the basement.
  • Wrong liner size or sump pump. The pump may be too small to handle the water coming in or the pit may be too small and the water may fill very quickly causing the pump to go on an overdrive.
  • The float switches in the sump pump may be clogged and tangled.

Get an Omaha plumber to check the sump pump before a rainstorm and ensure that it is working properly.

Defective Product

While nobody likes to get excited or relieved about buying something and only find out that it doesn’t work, it happens all the time. And sump pumps are no exception. Always make sure that the model works properly by testing it and filling the pit up with water.

Setting Your Sump Pump in Gravel or Dirt

Many individuals will attempt to pack their sump pumps in gravel or dirt to achieve a snug fit within the hole dug for the sump pump. However, the gravel and dirt will cause your sump pump to fail by interfering with your pump’s on/off switch and float arm.

If you ever feel uncomfortable installing a sump pump on your own, always play it safe and call in a professional to help you finish the job.

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