Restoring an Omaha home after water damage generally involves two phases. The first is drying out the structure and cleaning up from the water. This can take anywhere from three to five days, depending on how long the home received the water exposure. The second part of the process, restoring the home to its former state, takes longer. It will be anywhere from several days to several weeks, depending on how badly your home has been damaged. The water damage restoration Omaha process is different for every case. Below are the FAQ’s for water damage restoration in Omaha.

Water Damage Restoration Omaha FAQ’s

What happens and what are the effects when water floods my home or business?

  • First, when water contacts drywall, it sags and disintegrates. Then you’ll see paint bubbles and peeling as the water wicks up the drywall. After that, water saturates the insulation behind the drywall.
  • Next, if water dwells in your property for any length of time, wood structures begins to swell. The glue holding your particle board kitchen and bathroom cabinets dissolves, causing them to crumble. The longer the water dwells in your property, the more likely it is that the hardwood floors will buckle and warp. Wood exposed to long-term water damage rots.
  • Third, water-soaked carpets “delaminate.” Delamination is the term for carpet that pulls away from its backing. Once this happens, the carpet is permanently ruined.
  • Fourth, water damage can short-out electrical systems. This can cause fire and shock hazards and damage to electronic equipment.

 Can water damage be prevented?

There is little you can do to prevent water damage that’s due to an act of nature, but most water damage a property experiences is caused by indoor plumbing failures. With:

  • regular maintenance
  • upkeep
  • frequent inspections of your home and property

You may be able to prevent some water damage. Make sure everyone knows how and where to shut off the water to the home. Appliances are and in good working order. Check all water connections and hoses. Check under sinks for signs of corrosion and make sure connections are tight. Toilet and water heater for any signs of leaking. Make sure you monitor the water bills, and be aware of any unexplained increase because it could be due to a leak.

Why can’t I clean up and dry out the damage myself?

Quickly wiping or mopping up a small spill in the middle of the floor is okay. But, the problem is, if water flooded a large portion of your home or office, it’s the water you can’t see, the water that wicks up behind the wall or under the floors, that causes problems.

These dark cavities are the perfect place for mold and mildew to grow. And, without meters to measure the moisture, you won’t be able to find and remove the water you can’t see hiding in the structure. All that excess water promotes mold and mildew growth, and compromises the structural integrity of the materials. And mold exposure presents a serious health threat to everyone in the home or business.

In addition, if the water damage comes from a contaminated source like a sewage backup, it presents an imminent health threat. In this case, you especially want to AVOID ANY CONTACT and call us immediately.

How long does it take to dry my home or business?

The only answer to this question is It depends. It all depends on the size and scope of the loss. Completely drying a structure depends on the type of water damage, how bad it was, how long the water dwelled, and the type of building materials involved. For example, concrete takes much longer to dry than wood.

Many times, water damage to your home or business takes 2 to 3 days to dry. However, properties exposed to water damage for a long time will take longer to dry!

How safe is my house after the standing (visual) water is gone?

Water damage is not just about removing the water. Even if the water seems to have disappeared or has been extracted, there is still the potential for issues until the structure and affected materials have been completely and thoroughly dried. Mold becomes a problem in as little as 24 to 48 hours if structural drying is not in process.

Why does the air in my home or office feel so dry?

We set up the equipment we use during the drying process so it will remove as much moisture from the affected space as possible. Our equipment creates an atmosphere that’s as dry as possible. This is just temporary. Once the drying process is complete, and we remove the equipment, the air condition will return to normal.

Is it ok to leave the equipment running all the time?

The specialized equipment used is made to run continually and has been placed in a particular way that will help promote the drying process. Do not move or turn any of the equipment off. The equipment is made to run continually and could run for months without over heating or causing any safety issues.

If I filed a claim do I have to wait for an adjuster to come out before I call a restoration Omaha company?

Yes and No. If you are in the middle of an emergency, you are expected to do whatever you can to mitigate the problem to prevent further damage until you get your insurance company involved. If you can, stop the source of water, remove or separate any personal items and furniture from the damaged area and do what you can to remove the standing water. Also take lots of photos of the damage and do not throw anything away. If you know you have coverage, call a water restoration Omaha company to extract the water and begin structural drying. For covered losses, reconstruction should wait until the adjuster has had a chance to assess the damage.

Do I have to use the restoration company the insurance company recommends?

NO. You do not have to use the company the insurance company recommends. You are free to hire whomever you want. Most reputable water damage restoration Omaha companies have worked with the major insurance companies and are experts at dealing with adjusters and claims. Given your information, they will usually deal directly with your adjuster to make the process smooth and easy for you.

Do I need to call a water damage restoration Omaha company or is it ok to use a General Contractor for the water damage and dry out?

A water restoration Omaha company specializes in water damage and has the certifications, training, experience, and know-how needed to deal with any water damage situation. A general contractor may not have the necessary experience or knowledge needed to mitigate or remediate the negative effects of water damage. It is best to find an Omaha water restoration company that is also a general contractor so all work can be done by one company.

Is the restoration work guaranteed?

Most reputable companies will back their work with a 100% satisfaction guarantee for a specified period of time. Check the details of your contract and make sure everything is in writing.

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Our commitment is satisfaction, safety, and the most efficient water damage cleanup project possible. Here are a few more benefits for hiring a water damage remediation company in Omaha:

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